What our Clients Say

At Airosmith Air Conditioning & Heating, we strive to provide a high quality service and therefore have many satisfied customers. Take a look at the testimonials below and see for yourself!

As a restaurant owner, I rely on an effective climate control system, as customer comfort is everything. Over the years, I have found that I can rely on Airosmith to be there when I need them most – on those 40 degree days when the air conditioner breaks, I can count on them.
- John Robinson

When you own a shop, it pays to have someone on call in case the air conditioner breaks. I have found that Airosmith Air Conditioning & Heating is the best company to contact – as they provide a great 24/7 service. I always have their number handy.
- Samantha Jones

Last summer, we finally made the decision to install an air conditioning unit – my husband and kids had had enough. After shopping around, we found that Airosmith offered fantastic installation rates, and they recommended a unit that suited our home and lifestyle perfectly.
- Jessica Benson

If you are looking to buy a cooling unit, I would highly recommend Airosmith. They offer a great range of different brands, and can provide you with ongoing support in case anything goes wrong. I had a system installed last summer, and our house has never been cooler!
- Sam Harrison